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With at least 1,300 missing, searchers are combing properties where all evidence of life has been wiped out by the deadliest fire in California history

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

The task is painstaking and painful. ...

The questions we are left with

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

More than a week into three California fires, authorities are painstakingly searching for remains in ravaged neighborhoods. And with unprecedented devastation, many questions remain as to what happens next. ...

See Paradise before and after Camp Fire

Sat, Nov 17, 2018

These images show the extent of devastation from the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. ...

Evacuees could be flooded out of their tent city

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

First they were driven from their homes by the deadly Camp Fire in Northern California. Now, if it rains, they could be flooded out of their tent city, which has sprung up in a Walmart parking lot. ...

Trump: US should rake leaves like Finland

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

President Donald Trump suggests poor land management is a contributing factor to raging wildfires in California. ...

Asked about climate change, Trump says 'lot of factors' to blame

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

President Donald Trump, after surveying the destruction wrought by wildfires in California, said Saturday that the devastation has not altered his opinion on climate change. ...

A 93-year-old had to get out. Then her garbageman showed up.

Sat, Nov 17, 2018

When Margaret Newsum saw the news that the Camp Fire was not far from her home, the 93-year-old knew she'd have to evacuate. ...

A town literally scorched off the map

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

Major wildfires in California have destroyed a record number of buildings and displaced more than 300,000 people. ...

Opinion: In California, the apocalypse keeps getting worse

Fri, Nov 16, 2018

This morning, by the time I woke up, the sun was already an eerie red. As they have for days, friends had already posted pictures to Instagram of the eerie sky out over the San Francisco Bay: a hazy blanket, all the hills and bridge obscured. ...

California Democrat defeats longtime GOP representative

Sun, Nov 18, 2018

•Democrat Gil Cisneros wins closely watched CA House race after Young Kim concedes •Noon deadline looms large for Nelson in Florida •CNN projects: Levin defeats Harkey in CA •Dems see opening in Mississippi Senate runoff ...

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