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There's little doubt Trump would lose if the election were today, but his strength in the Midwest could enable him to pull off the kind of victory he did in 2016

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

First things first: The theme song of the week is Thank You for Being A Friend from the show The Golden Girls written by Andrew Gold and sung by Cynthia Fee. ...

Trump reveals his 'dream' 2020 opponent

Mon, Jan 28, 2019

In an interview with CBS News' Jeff Glor, President Trump weighs in on his potential 2020 election opponents, saying Joe Biden would be a "dream" opponent. ...

Trump's plan for 2020 Democrats: Cause chaos and sow division

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

One presidential candidate is following the Democratic primary fight far closer than you might imagine. His name is Donald J. Trump. ...

NYT: Klobuchar ate salad with comb, told staffer to clean it

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

The New York Times reports that Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) berated a staffer after they forgot her eating utensils, ate her salad with a hair comb then directed a staffer to clean it. ...

Hillary Clinton met with Biden and Klobuchar on 2020

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

Hillary Clinton held meetings in early February with former Vice President Joe Biden and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar to talk about the 2020 presidential election, a source close to the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee tells CNN. ...

Opinion: What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

President Donald Trump's critics are increasingly focused on the question of which Democrat will challenge him for the presidency in 2020. It's an important question, but another one might be even more important: Regardless of who runs in 2020, if Trump loses, will he leave the Oval Office peacefully? ...

Analysis: This Republican governor sounds like he is going to take on Trump in 2020

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

The political world is focused on the ever-growing Democratic 2020 field, all jockeying for their chance to beat President Donald Trump next November. But it looks increasingly likely that Trump is going to have to clear a major hurdle before he even gets there: A primary challenge from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. ...

Dianne Feinstein's climate change talk with a group of kids gets heated

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

Sen. Dianne Feinstein clashed Friday with a group of children over climate change policy, criticizing their requests that she back the Green New Deal, accusing them of presenting an ultimatum and contrasting their inability to vote with her three decades in office. ...

Lindsey Graham changes tune on Trump's strategy

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

President Donald Trump has agreed to keep about 400 US troops in Syria after the withdrawal of most US forces there this spring, a senior administration official said. CNN's Barbara Starr reports. ...

Acting defense secretary visits US border

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan landed in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday where he will visit troops on the border and sites where the Department of Homeland Security has requested Pentagon assistance to combat drug smuggling. ...

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